If you think social media listening is same as social media monitoring, hold that thought right there. The difference between social media listening and social media monitoring is what makes the former more significance to marketing brands.

Any social media agency in Delhi must be aware that social listening is the process of tracking conversation on social media around specific topics, keywords, or phrases and leveraging those insights to discover opportunities and create content for those audiences.

While monitoring means responding to every social mention and keeping a track of it, listening is a step ahead of it. It means analysis and reflection of those interactions and integrating the learnings into social media strategies.

Why is social listening important?

  • Not just individual responses and reactions from users, it helps you track overall health of your brand.
  • It gives you ideas about the content your audience need.
  • social media agency in Delhi like Digicots can elevate customer experience manifold based on the feedback you get from social listening.
  • Lastly, it helps you drive strategic product decision.

As a social media marketer, social listening gives you a bird’s eye view about what is going on with your brand. Described perfectly by Dan Neely, CEO of Networked Insights, “If social media monitoring is looking at trees, social listening is looking at a forest.”

Another reason why Social listening should be an integral part of SMO is while monitoring gives you quick results, social listening helps you treat the root of the problem giving an effective and long term result. Leading social media marketing company in Noida have started realizing the significance of Social Listening and incorporating it into their strategies.

If you want to know about user’s sentiments around your brand, monitoring won’t be enough. Get a bigger picture, an overall view, of how users empathize with your brand. This learning can help you grow  immensely as a brand.

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