While it is crucial to use social media extensively these days for your business to have a strong online presence, it is also essential to have a good organic social media reach. It is essential to create engaging content and utilise the correct social media platform to reach a vast target audience.

What can help you improve your organic social media engagement? You don’t need to make monetary investments always. Some quick hacks and you are good to go!

1.Choose the correct platform

Find your target audience and figure out which social media platforms are they active on. Do not waste your resources by promoting your business everywhere, from Instagram to Pinterest. Focus on selected networking mediums rather than trying to achieve an online presence across all platforms.

2. Post content that is forever

Post content that doesn’t become boring and irrelevant very soon. Ensure your posts are engaging and evergreen! Your content should be capable of grabbing the attention of the readers over a long period of time. Use humour, knowledge sharing, emotions etc as your tools for creating long lasting and unique content.

3. Targeting

It is essential that your posts are seen by the right people i.e by your target audience for whom these posts are of relevance or importance. For this you must tweak the settings of your posts to reach your target audience. Given the settings available on various platforms, you can categorise your posts and tactfully let them reach only a specific audience based on their gender, relationship status, location etc. For example, when posting on Facebook, you can use organic post targeting to tweak who will see your posts.

4. Post during non-peak hours

Refrain from posting your content during the online rush hours when everybody is online and posting updates. Your post may get buried under the deluge of posts that is already up there. Post during the slower hours and the chances of your post getting lost is much lesser. Sounds odd, but it’s true.

5. Promote your online presence

You need to make people aware of your presence on the various social media platforms. Your store, business cards, emails, website, office stationery, goodies etc all should carry the address of your social media profiles. Cross-promotion of social media profiles is useful too.

It is radical to understand, balance and optimise your social media presence to elevate your organic reach. A positive user experience and creating engaging content will go a long way in helping you to achieve your business goals.

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