Technology’s role in digital marketing is not something recent. As digital marketing techniques have evolved, so has the implementation of technology. If you are a digital marketing agency in Delhi and wondering if you can run the long run without having technology in your toolkit, you are in grave danger. You cannot take such a risk as its the question of your survival. To convince you, we have noted down a few points as to why you need technology.

To read customer’s behavior

Technology is helping leading digital marketing agency in Delhi like Digicots to identify new and unusual data points from where they can analyze their customer’s behavior. For example, users coming from different channels see different versions of the website. The obscure data received through these data points help them anticipate conversion patterns and customise their marketing strategies.

Intense Channel optimization

Tools and softwares are also helpful in optimization of message on a channel by channel basis. Text length, video duration, tone of voice, time of day etc. play a role in determining audience response. When marketers analyse such data they can achieve intense channel optimization without creating channel fatigue.

Real time campaign monitoring

Marketing agencies closely monitoring the marketing campaigns in real time. With the help of technology digital marketing agency in Delhi like Digicots can evaluate the data within four hours after the campaign has been launched. Technology’s role here is to check clicks and other performance metrics with a benchmark to reveal how effective the campaign has been. Similarly top PPC management company in Delhi employ technology to check if the campaign has been hit with a fake ‘bot’ traffic so that it can be stopped in time to avoid wasting money and time.

The application of technology in marketing is endless and a really dynamic marketer can achieve exceptional results using tech.

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