Voice Search is the new thing every brand and marketer should be tapping into right now. By 2020, 50% of the searches will be conducted through voice search. In coming years, voice search can also become mainstream. Digital marketing agency in Delhi and around the world need to gear up for this challenge.

With such huge predictions and opportunities that voice search bears, all major brands are boarding the train of this new rage as it leaves the station.

Consumers are becoming smarter and their behavior is changing rapidly. They want everything instant and on the go. This is one of the reasons why voice search and smart search devices have really got into the limelight. And with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, already ruling the market and Apple’s Homepod about to launch in the market, the consumer’s reliance on voice search is only going to increase.

But there is a problem that digital marketers may face with the rise of voice search. That is, voice search only provides one answer and only one result to the user’s query.

With current web searching, a user still gets a variety of results and thus a top digital marketing agency in Delhi still has a good chance to work their charm and be in one of those top search results. But it would really be a daunting task to become that one result that voice search provides to a user query.

Voice search is soon going to take up half of the portion of search engine which is why digital marketing agencies will have to change their strategies too if they want to survive in the game.

Just as digital marketing agency in Delhi like Digicots have knocked every challenge out of the park in the past like changing algorithms of Google and Facebook, they will catch up with the voice search trend too. Being the leading ppc management company in Delhi they learn extensively about changes and developing strategies around them will help them overcome this challenge as well. All they need is to have a keen eye on the data available regarding voice search and analyze it in their favour.

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