Progressive Web Apps or popularly called PWAs is the new frontier in web design and development. 2017 saw accelerated mobile pages rise to glory and dominate the search engines. The fact that more than 50% of the mobile engagement was through apps affirms that users are rapidly inclining towards UI mobile apps deliver.

Standard websites or even mobile websites seem to be lagging behind the race to delivering the best UI? A seasoned web development company in Noida like Digicots believes that future lies in PWA. It is a combination of best website features and the experience of apps that users so love. Let’s see how businesses can greatly benefit from PWAs.

  • Speed: Google says that more than 50% of the users exit a mobile web page if it takes more than seconds to load. PWAs users can access web pages at the speed of native apps. Features of a website are offered at the speed of apps.
  • Progressive: Progressive web apps are just like your regular websites. They are cross-platform meaning they will work on any device for every user. With the help of an expert web designing company in Noida, you can build PWAs for your business and instantly expand your audience.
  • App-like: Without having to install an app or register, users can get a complete app-like experience with PWAs. The content will be displayed full screen without URLs or footers. Users can surf through the web pages without waiting for them to load or having to click on each page.
  • Easy to implement and expand: A dynamic mobile app development company in Noida like Digicots can take your existing web app and implement PWA as both use the same JavaScript. Without changing framework or technology, your website can transform into PWAs. Once your PWAs are created, they can be upgraded and expanded effortlessly as they are based on your existing website format. As and when you need additional features, just go ahead and update your PWAs.

Google strongly advocates that PWAs improve technical and business performance online. With more and more innovation happening, Progressive Web Apps are sure to become a landmark in web development.

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