SEO has come a long way since its early days and is increasingly becoming complicated. Search engines today consider a lot of other elements apart from keywords while ranking a website high. That does not mean keywords have become irrelevant. A keyword, a phrase or term is at the center of all searches both written and voice.

Do you know that 75% of the users don’t browse beyond page 1 of Google search results? As a business, if you want to rank high on Google or get more traffic to your website then smart and relevant ‘keyword research’ is fundamental. Here we share  5 tips with you to help you achieve this.

Get into your customer’s’ head: Customers are the ones who will help you rank higher and thus it is necessary to know what they asking related to your business field. Places like Quora, Facebook groups and forums are the best to study people’s interest and queries according to Digicots, a digital marketing agency in Noida. Select your keywords based on that research to drive more traffic.

Beyond 1-2 word keywords: While searching some users tend to use long-tailed keywords rather than just those crucial 1-2 words. Voice search only emphasizes this factor more. When you target the right ‘phrase keywords’ you will not only increase your chances of popping up in more relevant searches but also reduce your competition by a great deal.

Highlight local keywords: If your business is targeting buyers in a certain location, optimize your keyword for local search. When such keywords are used strategically in your content, you will definitely see more organic traffic flowing your way.

What’s winning for your competitors: You sure have competitors and if they are doing well, then their keywords are worth studying. There are some good tools out there which help you find your competitor’s most successful keywords, which you can use as well. Just create a more impressive content and you are on a winning trail.

SEO audits is vital: Search engines, especially Google, keep updating their search algorithm and you might be still sticking to some old techniques and keywords. Employ a good SEO agency in Noida like Digicots to conduct regular SEO audits as it is utmost vital for lead generation and branding. Periodically revising your content and tweaking the keywords according to audit reports will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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