Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and numerous other social networking sites have evolved over the time and are now ruling our virtual world. These sites not only add the essential dose of entertainment in our lives but also serve as a great medium for brand marketing. Instagram is one such appealing and economical platform that helps a business to showcase its products and services to a large target audience.

Enlisted below are 5 Instagram marketing trends that’ll do wonders in 2019:

1:- Micro-brands shall rule

Instagram has exclusive features and functions that work in favour of micro-brands. The interactive features have helped small businesses to increase their content distribution and create quite an impressive presence. Engaging with followers through attractive and quality content has helped micro-brands grow, which also means that their online presence will only grow with time. A social media marketing company in Noida believes that even micro-brands can get popular on Instagram. Bigger isn’t always better.

2:- Future of Ecommerce stores

Instagram is not a typical ecommerce shopping platform even though it does have numerous Ecommerce friendly features. Persuasive posts for shopaholics can be created effortlessly. Users can view all of the products’ details on the seller’s page itself. With the ‘shopping bag’ icon and ‘shop now’ button already in place, Instagram shall gradually be loaded with interesting features, supporting online shopping.

3:- Advertising through stories

Instagram stories have always been the key highlight besides being a crucial part of the marketing strategies. Top-notch, well designed banners and stories used by advertisers connect well with the audience on a personal level. Since these stories have been profitable, businesses have now started putting up stories that are highly target oriented. In future, Instagram might eventually show an increasingly high number of stories keeping in mind what an Insta user wants to see, hear and buy!

4:- Influencer Marketing is getting even more popular

Influencer marketing can earn extremely high engagement from users if done the right way. Social Media influencers not only help the brands reach the target users but also generate high-quality and positive leads besides giving a drastic boost to the ROI.

5: Video are generating a buzz

Video ads and live videos have been creating quite a buzz in the marketing arena. Statistics show videos help brands to connect well with the audience. Videos ads have and will continue to lead to higher engagements and fruitful conversions.

It would be great if all businesses could acknowledge the importance of these trends and make use of the same to best they can. However it can be quite hard to get that follower number up without the proper expertise and experience. A social media marketing company in Noida can help you achieve milestones on almost everyone’s favorite platform- Instagram in the year 2019.

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