If you are into digital marketing, you must have heard the expression, “content is king”. While this may be true in many senses, it’s important to understand that the medium has involved. Right now, as per Digicots, a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, video is clearly the king of content.

Tell a story

There’s a lot of sales clutter on the internet that is actively annoying and repelling your customers. Don’t let your brand be part of that clutter- instead, your video should be centred around the story and not the sale.

You must utilize the emotive power of videos to the fullest by appealing to your consumers’ needs and hidden desires. Remember to place a strategic and relevant call to action alongside a tracked URL at the end of your video (just make sure it fits into your overall story).

Make it the best 10 seconds ever

One fifth of your viewers click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. Keep it as short as possible- that’s what the video experts are recommending.

One of the ways to spark your audience’s curiosity in the first 10 seconds is to use questions and use teasers. Your video should immediately convey its value and answer that “why should I watch it?”.

Don’t forget to optimise

You have made the perfect video, but what next? It’s equally important to enable embedding on your video as this will help you increase the likelihood of receiving inbound marketing links.

And, when it comes to video for SEO, descriptions are everything. Descriptions help Google search spiders to make sense of your video and understand what the content entails.

Educate your audience

One of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience. This education comes in many forms. For e.g. teach your customers to use your product and service and provide useful tips on how to make the most of it.

Don’t be boring!

Your audience’s wants to laugh, they want to feel enlightened, they wish to be pulled out of their 9 to 5s and forget about their realities. Thus, it is advised not to emulate your competitor’s stiff tone and boring script. Stand out and take a chance on being funny.

There are various companies from around the world, who have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of views because of their YouTube channels. Are you investing in this powerful form of marketing?

Digicots, a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, which specialises in video form of marketing.

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