Ask a teenager, and he will tell you why typing is out of trend! Voice is the preferred mode of search for the millennials and the later generations. Voice assistants such as Google home mini and Amazon’s Alexa are redefining the strategies to sell to customers.

Artificial intelligence is evolving faster than ever and voice and voice technology is an important discipline in AI. The recently launched Google Duplex has caused a stir, when the CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated live booking of a hair salon done via Google Assistant. Here’s a guide by Digicots, the best PPC company in Delhi, on how to start your own digital marketing strategy: –

Know your algorithms

Digital marketers need data and in the age of voice, you need to understand how algorithms are used to sift through that data. First, you need to invest in understanding the algorithms that platforms will use to recommend and choose products. E.g. how will the digital assistants choose to voice your brand over the competition.

Find your voice   

The next step is to clarify who you are, what makes you distinctive, and what makes you better. Currently, voice search primarily categorises depending on the relevance for a product or brand. In some categories, brand may be more important than price such as Mercedes but with petrol, it may be less relevant.

The digital balance

Even in the year 2018, 90 % of global retail sales occur in brick-and-mortar stores. Thus, it will be wise to not to cut brand building investments entirely, because consumer habits are yet to kick in. In the coming years, continuous evaluation of your ROI from branding will become increasingly important.          


Mapping customers to your voice

In the coming decade, we will see dominance of a select few voice assistants. However, the giants such as Alexa and Google home are here to stay. Although, there is less clarity about mapping customers to the various voice assistants, and understanding how to adjust related strategies. It will be a new opportunity to target our customers through a new voice. 

Marketing is the newest science

With a plethora of algorithms, consumers are being fed what they want to making voice marketing even more of a science. Brands need to reprogram their thinking and come out as voice friendly.

As voice search gets popular, visual and digital brand recognition will become less pivotal, when the important role of AI algorithms takes over. Digicots as the best PPC company in Delhi advices that marketers must ensure not to lose their voice in the age of voice- through voice marketing.

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