Video is the most interactive form of media to deliver your message and grab attention of your consumers. Live video streaming is the newest form of technology, when it comes to video marketing. The trend which started recently is expected to become even more popular in the coming years.

The feature which was first introduced by Instagram has made its way to Facebook and YouTube as well, who have their own versions. Live videos as a concept which is still evolving, and businesses are using it for brand storytelling in many ways to enhance consumer experience.

We at digicots, a social media agency in Delhi, explain how businesses can benefit from live videos.

Engaging content

There’s no denying to the fact, that live videos are preferable to written or static visual content. According to a report, 80 % people would rather watch live video than read a blog. Viewers are more likely to remember video content better than other types of content.

Higher reach

Live videos have the ability of reach millions of users around the world. It can be effectively used to broadcast events to a wide audience, as it has no geographical or physical restriction. Reaching out to a wider audience means better brand awareness and education about your product and services.

Better relationships

When customers interact with you in real-time, a relationship is built, leading to trust and loyalty. Unlike pre-recorded videos, live videos provide you with an opportunity to connect with your audience in a manner that’s more personal and seamless.

More Transparency

Live videos can give a sneak peek into a company’s culture. Many companies show behind-the-scenes moments and engage the viewers in their live stream. This not only helps create a bond but also helps in maintaining transparency.

More Conversions

You can live-stream the demonstration of how your products and services work, explaining their true potential. These initiatives increase the chances of converting your prospects into your customers, giving you an edge over competitors. In a research, it was found that 70 % of marketers claim that video performs better than other form of content, when it comes to conversions.

Summing up, it can be said that, there are a host of benefits that can be associated with live streaming like engagement, transparency and conversions for social media agency in Delhi. It will only be wise to incorporate it in your social media strategies and build deeper and personal relationships with your audience.

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