Web design is a fast evolving concept where every now and then we see a myriad of
trends taking the market by storm. While most of the trends evaporate in thin air, there
are some which transform into milestones. One such trend is Web Application. Many
website designing companies in Noida acknowledge that the future of web design
will surely be dominated by web apps and businesses are showing a greater inclination
towards them.

Real-Time Web App:
Real-time web apps are not a new thing in 2018 but it is now that they are gaining
immense popularity. This type of apps provides yet another digital experience that is
quick, engaging and fun.

The concept behind real-time web apps is to transfer information from a server to its
users in real time. A link between both ends is kept open so that the new data is made
available to the users almost instantly. Users are falling in love with the flawless updates
thanks to real-time web apps. Prior to the inception of these apps, the users were
required to manually click back to check if any new updates have been published which
would cause delay or might even go unnoticed for a while.

What makes these real-time apps a hit?

● Real-time updates: These web apps make the updates available to the users as
they happen. The speed and ease are what the modern-day users are
● Features of a website: When a website development company in Noida builds
a real-time app using open source architecture, the app will have traditional
features of a website. Many businesses and users are preferring the uncluttered
● An apt alternative to mobile apps: Real-time apps are the perfect alternative to
businesses who do not want to have a dedicated mobile app for their business.
With these, they can still give the exclusive benefits of the mobile app but without
having the users to download the app. With the help fo real-time web apps the
whole new horizon of mobile platform opens up for the businesses.
● Ease of design: Getting a real-time web app done from a web development
company in Noida is much easier for businesses as it is easy to design. The
design option which was once available only for Node.js is now possible in other

languages and frameworks. Designers can now build real-time web apps just by
using ‘ActionCable’ settings.

Thus the era of Real-time web apps is setting in and businesses are boarding the
bandwagon. Analysts affirm that this trend is here to stay and might become the
foundation for the future of web design. Only time will tell whether it does or not!

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