Email marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways of generating sales. Pitching your product directly into the mailboxes of your target audience is like door-to-door selling. In other words, it is the most intuitive and interactive marketing tool. Whether it is B2B or B2C, you whisper your product or services directly to the buyer. However, the success of email marketing depends on variant constraints which are often neglected. Here are those golden rules that every digital marketing agency in delhi needs to follow in order to grow your business and win the audience through email marketing.

  • Understanding that we are not all in the same boat!

The least successful emails are those which assume that every consumer belongs to the same category and have the same needs and interests. It is important to apprehend that not all customers are the same. They are categorized according to their interest, age groups, needs, budget etc. So, you cannot send the same email to everyone out there. You need to customize it according to preferences, relevancy and categories.

  • Email templates hardly work!

When you will compare those marketing emails in your inbox which you have interestingly opened to those which you annoyingly deleted, you will know one or two things important. The most welcomed emails are simple, decently structured and actually are no fancy templates. The others you rejected are those vibrant, colourful and ‘advertising billboards’ kind of email templates.

  • Shorter Email Subject, better chances to be opened

It is as simple as that. Shorter subjects on the marketing emails have better chances of being read. Well, you can go descriptive and interesting at the same time but marketing experts at a leading digital marketing agency in delhi, Digicots, suggest otherwise. Short, crispy and intriguing subject line or use of phrases has better results. To be specific, emails with subject lines of 4 to 15 characters have the highest success rate.

  • Be precise and to-the-point

You need to understand that technically the emails aren’t ‘read’ but scanned, it’s not an editorial or story. Lot of fancy additions like pictures, icons, and graphics is a huge mistake. It should be very precise and to-the-point. Your sales pitch or offer should immediately appear within the first scan.

We advise you to include these tips in your email marketing strategy and actually see them working.

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