Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your business. With the right kind of marketing strategy, you are able to appeal to the targeted audience and take your business to new heights! One such social platform to market your brand is Pinterest.

If you are not living under the rocks, you must’ve heard about it. Pinterest is a picture based social media networking platform. With over 175 million users across the world, Pinterest is a mini-world in its own. So, what are the benefits of marketing on Pinterest and why should you do it? Let’s find out!

  • Users love Pinterest

175 million users across the world! Isn’t that enough for you to start using Pinterest?

A closer look at the statistics shows us that Pinterest is heavily used by millions of people every day and have a committed active user base. With 1 billion boards, 50+ billion pins, and a market value of more than $11 billions, Pinterest is a trending property.

81% of the users are females and majority of the users are below the age of 40. So, if you are looking to target women or millennials, as your digital marketing company in Noida to include Pinterest in your SMM strategy.

  • Pinterest aids in buying decision

According to research, majority of active users have admitted that Pinterest plays an important role in decisions related to purchasing. The top five categories in which Pinterest users make a purchase are:

  1. Food & Ingredients
  2. Home Décor
  3. Clothing & Accessories
  4. Hair & Beauty
  5. Health & Business

Pinterest has the highest conversion rates compared to any other resources.

  • Pinterest Helps Understand User Behavior

Different social networks have users with varied behavior pattern. When it comes to Pinterest, it has been noted that most of the users share, click and pin about what they want to become, their dreams, their shopping list and dream purchases.

So, it is easier to grab attention of the user and also understand what a user wants. This data, when used aptly by a social media marketing company in noida like Digicots can help in bringing the desired results for your marketing efforts.

So, don’t wait further to get started. Pictures speak louder than words, and Pinterest is here to prove that right!

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