Brands need to discover newer and more versatile social media platforms if they wish to build a formidable online presence. Snapchat is one such less explored platform holding enormous potential to market your brand to millions of users.

Many of the business owners limit their advertising efforts to platforms like Facebook, purely because they are familiar with it. But with the help of a social media marketing company in Noida like Digicots, one can reach out to the younger generation so active on Snapchat.

Compared to other platforms it is a bit challenging to build a brand presence on Snapchat, purely because it does not support the ‘search’ feature. But Digicots, being the best digital marketing company in Noida can design effective campaigns and strategies to establish your brand on this ground. Here’s how you can build a great brand presence on Snapchat.

Learn to engage the gen next: More than 70% of Snapchatters are between the age of 18-35, which means your brand is engaging a very young generation. Dish out some exciting offers and perks to interact with them and get noticed.

Cross-platform promotion: Your already established social platforms are a stepping stone to promote your Snapchat presence and further build a presence on Snapchat. Shout out to your users on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram by sharing a direct link to your Snapchat profile. Create an enticing preview to lure them to be your followers.

Be friends with influencers: Digicots is the best social media marketing company in Noida which can help you shortlist Snapchat influencers relevant to your brand. Use the tagging option to get connected with them and in turn, they can mention your brand or products on their timeline as well. This will expose your brand to their huge number of followers.

Entertaining and crisp content: Fresh, crisp and entertaining content is what is highly acknowledged on platforms. The majority of the snapchatters being younger lot prefer visual content. Attractive competitions and poles can help build a quality relationship with your audience. Well packaged, shareable videos can be used to create your brand presence and divert more and more traffic towards your website.

Snapchat ads and campaigns may not directly result in sales but will definitely be effective in creating a holistic brand presence on the digital platform.

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