Coming years will witness a fundamentally different approach when it comes to searching your favorite brands on Google via Voice Search. People love ‘asking’ search engines rather than type their queries. So much so that about 30% of total search on Google is voice directed. Is your website ready for the same?

If you are clueless about this, get in touch with Digicots, a leading website designing company in Noida. Whether users are trying to find the best menswear brand or that best restaurant in town, voice search is becoming a part of our everyday searches. Voice search has already started to impact search results because we see the rising number of Android and iOS smartphone users who are using the power of voice search than typed search on their devices which support voice search. To reach out to all these potential audience you need to step up your SEO strategies now.

So what is it that you as a business owner need to do differently to cater to voice search? The first thing is understand the trends and how it works. When people ‘ask’ rather than type, the questions are more natural. Microsoft’s research has revealed that voice search is 25% faster than typed search. By using voice search, the queries are longer and target towards getting more accurate results. Your website should be built with this perspective.

We are a highly skillful SEO company in Noida. We gather the appropriate and most likely keywords for your business. Doing this will give you a more human perspective to SEO rather than just appealing to the machines. Next comes your knack of placing these keywords smartly and tactically so that they appear in maximum search results.

Machine Learning or AI is constantly helping search engines to ‘answer’ the users more appropriately. We as a great website designing company in Noida know how to utilize the available resources and the latest technology to build a website or mobile app that scores high on User Experiences as well as SEO. To reach out to the new generation of users, you need to adopt smart and appealing digital marketing techniques. Propel your brand into the future by building a voice search friendly website.

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