If there was ever a time to script quality content, it is now! Yes, that is true in relation to readers as well as SEO. There was time at the beginning of millennium where you could fool the ‘not so smart’ search engines by stuffing keywords into your content. But now the tables have turned and quality content is an absolute must! Here are 5 tips expert SEO Company in Delhi NCR like Digicots banks on while writing unique and SEO friendly content.

Content that impresses:

Your ultimate audience is humans and it is them you need to turn into potential clients. Google weighs user experience with high regards. When you write compelling, entertaining, fresh content, people will be intimidated to like, share and talk about. Now that’s also a great way to boost your SEO ranking.

Learn to read the trends:

We are dynamic SEO services company in Noida and we would like to tell you that the relationship between SEO and content is very fluid. It keeps changing and with it should your content writing skills. So always write valuable content that follows the best and trending marketing practices.

Create a family of keywords:

If you are in the habit of stuffing keywords into your content, you need to stop right away. Be smart and distribute just the right amount of strong keywords in your title, meta description, URL and hashtags. Take the help of a good SEO services company to make a list of secondary and relative keywords that the users might use and incorporate them into your text.

Learn to recycle and reuse:

With so much of content pouring into the internet daily, your top quality content may go unnoticed. Take hold of your best blogs and posts and recycle them. Share your content in a fresh way and start a new chain of likes and shares.

Go beyond the written text:

Content in this era exists beyond the written text. Images, infographics, podcasts, videos, social media content will collectively work towards enhanced SEO. Hire an expert SEO company in Delhi NCR like Digicots to create comprehensive SEO friendly content that will appeal to readers as well as search engines in an enchanting way.

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