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Who are the social media influencers? They are the new age celebrities; the world wide web has given birth to. Where will you find them? People with a large number of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes are your social media influencers. And large here runs into a few thousand and goes up to millions. They are called the Social media influencers because they have the power to influence their niche audience. These influencers can belong to numerous niches starting from lifestyle, fashion, tech, parenthood to various other types of categories you can think of.

In India, the ritual of celebrity worship has been going on since times immemorial. And the blogging community continues to receive such adulations till date. The top five reasons they are an excellent way to influence your target audience are listed below:

  1. Reach the right audience at once :The beauty of the social media influencer community is that they cater only to a niche audience. If you are a makeup junkie then there are bloggers from around to tell you how to get the perfect winged eyeliner and which product will give you the best results. And if you are a cosmetic manufacturer, and you begin marketing your product through this channel, you ought to get positive results.
  2. The personal touch : The bloggers have a huge fan base because the content they create is loved by the common man, and it’s the healthy combination of engaging content and love from their target audience that makes them famous. The media influencers generally have a personal connect with their followers and often create content on the audience’s demand, this makes the audience feel wanted. And hence the influence of such media celebrities creates a positive impact on your product.
  3. Brand building : As the audience views the bloggers in an optimistic light, hence automatically association with them is good for brand building. The target audience values the opinions and feedback of the social media influencers. And that in turn results in increased sales and an increased brand value.
  4. Replicating Behaviour : The fans of the media influencers, generally take their word and trust them blindly when it comes to using certain products. For the end consumer, if their favourite blogger has liked a product then they themselves will not think twice before buying that product. It is a win win situation for both, the brand and the audience who have a fair idea of what they are buying.
  5. Brand Popularity : When you tie up with an influencer, this itself makes news. This is an ideal tool from the SEO point of view. When a group of bloggers covers brand launches, then it results in large amount of attention towards the brand and hence the brand starts enjoying more popularity both on online and offline channels.

Social media influencers are the latest and a simpler way to popularise your brand. With the ever evolving digital world, you can make hay while the sun shines.

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