When we ‘ask’ Google or Siri rather than type, we hardly notice that we are talking to a machine. Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence is slowly and on a day to day basis becoming a part of our daily life. With Internet of Things (IoT) already in practice, machines can communicate with each other and perform specific duties. AI is revolutionizing digital marketing and 2018 will see some phenomenal applications and upgradations in AI.

AI ‘Learns’:

Similar to humans and animals, AI also ‘learns’ from the data it collects. AI technology is already in use in the form of Big Data, chatbots, search engine machine learning and various other things. When users search, download and interact with AI, it collects data and creates patterns. A digital agency in Noida like Digicots can specifically utilize AI learning and customize marketing campaigns to make them effective.

Marketing becomes Personal in Its True Sense:

It is fascinating to know how AI can study and understand user behavior in detail. Not only can it can recognize ‘voice search’ but images as well. AI technology is capable of looking at users’ faces and read their emotions. With the help of such understanding, marketing can and will become personal in its true sense. Digicots, the best digital marketing company in Noida knows how to target your customers with great accuracy.

Guesswork Minimized:

There are experts in every field predicting upcoming trends and changes. In the years to come, AI will become the expert to ask when it comes to predictions. The accuracy level is far greater than what humans can guess. What this means is that we can now design our campaign based on AI learning and have accurate predictions about its reach, effect and results.

Higher ROI:

It is estimated that about 63% of total digital advertising will be driven by AI technology. Brands, businesses and individuals invest millions every year on digital marketing and most of it is based on probable results rather than concrete states. Now with AI analyzing user behavior, the results can be predicted with accuracy and well in advance. Promotions, ads and campaigns can be targeted towards customers according to their search history at appropriate time and what is best according their mood. Any creative agency in Noida can ensure greater ROI when supported by AI research.

Dialogue is possible:

Till now marketing has always been a one sided conversation through written, image and video content. But with growing influence of AI, digital marketing is becoming a dialogue. More than a million chatbots are designed for Facebook Messenger platform along. Industries like medical, retail, wholesale, E-commerce, food, banking and several others are using chatbots to answer queries, make appointments, sell products effectively.

In many other ways AI will change the way we use Social Media and search engines. It holds great promises for digital marketing.

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