If an image is worth a thousand words, how about a video? Well, according to Dr. McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words! That’s a lot of words and that massive is the impact of video on digital marketing too. If you are among the digital agencies in Delhi NCR or brands who still are skeptical about the effectiveness of video marketing, here are 5 major reasons why it is the future of digital marketing.

Unmatched customer conversion rate:

It is astounding to know that a product marketing video can convert more than 70% of the viewers into buyers. The simple reason behind this high level of conversion is that people are able to connect more to a video. They are more inclined towards buying the product because they are actually looking at it. Join the 63% of businesses that are already reaping the manifold ROI of video marketing.

It creates an emotional bond:

A video essentially ignites emotions and trust. Every brand aims at earning the trust of their customers and there is no better option that videos. Digicots being one of the best digital marketing company in Delhi is equipped to creating engaging and enticing videos that will connect with the customers emotionally. When they connect, customers are moved to action.

It is search engines’ favorite:

An experienced seo agency in noida like Digicots will tell you how much Google loves videos! On one hand you want to appeal to the human users and on the other you have SEO to deal with. Video is the only form of content presently that is an absolute favorite at both ends. A survey says that when videos become a part of a website, their chance of Page 1 Ranking increase by 53%. When digital agencies in Delhi NCR create videos for products, services and promotions, the information is delivered in a superior and entertaining manner.

Engagement like never before:

About 80% of the internet users watch videos on a daily basis and Youtube alone has 1 Billion users, that is ⅓ of the total internet users. A facebook video post increases engagement by 33% and social media shares skyrocket to 1200% when a video is posted. A social media marketing company in Noida like Digicots can take enormous advantage of video marketing while promoting your brand and give high ROI.

Best means to explain your product:

As we mentioned in the beginning, a video is worth millions of words and users are crazy about videos. As a brand or a business, the best option to make your customers understand your product is through a video. Tell a story, create a rib tickling animation or touch humanity in your viewers through emotional videos. It will create a lasting impression on them. As the best social media marketing company in Noida, we are always growing and evolving with our video content and video marketing ideas.

We have already entered an era where video content will break all the boundaries and reach users via their smartphones. Go ahead and incorporate this highly productive technique into your digital marketing strategy.

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