Like the year gone by, web designers are bracing themselves this year too for another set of major trends that can change your website’s look and feel. Equipped with new tools and technology, website designing company in Noida like Digicots continues to experiment with web designing trends to bring about a balance between the functionality and the the aesthetic feel of a web design. A formidable web design should also go a step further and contribute in delivering user experience and engagement. Following are some Web Design trends that will help enhance your online presence, this year.

1:- Hues that are bright and bold:- Effective use of highly saturated colors on the website is totally in vogue! An eye-catching palette of colours attracts more users and engages them in a vibrant manner. (we should add highly saturated colors)

2:- Animations:- The hot favorite trend in web design is animation! Right from animated logos to GIFs to typographical animation, designers are enhancing the interactivity of a website with a content that is intelligent, interesting, fancy and effective. It is delightful to watch a crisp showcase of brand’s products and services in a limited space on the screen. (add adding a sense of interactivity)

3:-Typography:- Bold, custom and big fonts for websites is what trending! An important visual tool, the web typography this year will be characterised by large letters, variables fonts with sharp tones and unique personality.

4:- Shapes:- Organic and oblique shapes seem to be a rage this year . Designers are increasingly giving a dynamic twist to the usual shapes and angles by using spherical and organic shapes. Website development company in noida like Digicots is ditching right angles and sharp edges and preferring rounded corners and snazzy curves.

5:-Layouts:- Asymmetrical and broken layouts are making a mark this year. It’s the case especially with websites that belong to big brands who believe in going the unconventional and creative way! Enormous web content placed in typical grids is a passé! Web designers are experimenting with the unconventional appeal of an uneven grid layout.

A web designing company in Noida like Digicots strives to adopt such out-of-the box trends to create quirky and unique experiences that sets their designs apart.

6:- Shadows:- Though they have been in use since a long time, this year they are creating waves in the web designing segment! Shadows create depth and the illusion of a world beyond the screen. They not only improve the overall aesthetic feel of the layout but also help in laying emphasis on an important aspect or content on the webpage. So this year try and utilize soft and subtle shadow effects create a visual impact when combined with bold typography and beaming hues.

These tricks to create engaging and intuitive web designs can help brands to enhance their presence in the virtual world. It is imperative that web designers stay updated with the latest practices in web designing so that the websites stay alive and productive.

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