5 biggest social media marketing challenges faced by less known brands

This year is going to see Social Media expand in a much diverse way than before. Businesses, marketers, experts and common users are all rushing in to be on Social Media platforms. With more and more tools, techniques and varied campaigns being tried everyday, it’s an absolutely fun place to be. But it is the lesser known brands that struggle to cope up with the competition and if not supported by an experienced digital marketing company i they may get lost in the oblivion.

The 5 biggest social media marketing challenges for smaller brands are as following:

  1.  Lack of manpower and finances: Smaller businesses mostly employ professionals with business-related skills and selling skills. But they may not have finances to specifically hire a person to take care of their social media activities. When untrained people from the existing staff are handed over this responsibility, the result would be mediocre and unfruitful. It would prove to be a very costly risk for brands as well.  An experienced company providing SMO services in Noida like Digicots can come to the rescue providing best services at pocket-friendly cost.
  2. Strategy that lacks substance and sustenance: The second most common challenge is not having a formidable SMM strategy. Businesses with limited knowledge of the social media end up having a marketing plan that will not last for long and they may find it difficult to survive amidst the crowd. No matter how hard they work, it will not stand a chance against the experts in the market.
  3. Being indecisive about tools, techniques, and features: One has to be absolutely updated when it comes to SMO tools and techniques. Smaller brands keep struggling to learn about the
    latest social media updates as most of their energy is focused towards enhancing business. The most logical option would be to hire a social media agency in Delhi NCR like Digicots who is engrossed in this work 24×7 and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your brand promotion.
  4. Inability to analyze progress and results and track the analytics: The data and analytics gathered from various activities are too complex for an untrained eye to analyze. Those who do not understand how to track analytics would reach no conclusion and thus can not incorporate the knowledge into their next set of campaigns. Let an expert digital marketing company in Noida like Digicots take care of this burden.
  5. Consistency in engagement: An enthusiastic brand may start with a big bang on social media with their ads, videos, infographics engaging lot of readers. But over a period of time as other more important responsibilities consume their time, the social media engagement will drastically diminish. One really needs the services of a dynamic agency like Digicots offering social media marketing in Delhi to take up the mantle. Instead of doing a half-hearted job with Social Media Marketing, smaller brands should hand over their SMM to the professionals.

Sky’s the limit for success for an SMM in Delhi like Digicots who learns, evolves and adapts to the changing tides. Get in touch with us for your social media strategy.

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