How to do social media marketing in 2018

Digital is the frontier to be for businesses of all sizes, kinds, and purposes! But once you are there, how do you stand out is the big question. A study says that on an average a viewer spends as little as 8 seconds on a post. That is a very small window for brands to grip the viewers’ attention. So what should be the essentials of a successful Social Media Marketing campaign in 2018? Here they are…

    1. Variety is the spice: Grow beyond the text posts and discover creative ways to market your brand on Social Media. Live streaming, videos, chatbots, engaging content are all high-impact posting varieties you must try. At Digicots, we are a dynamic social media marketing company in Noida which can help pick you out the right SMM activities for your business.
    2. Listen what the analytics say: Brands generally focus on the number of likes, followers or shares their posts attract on social media. This year, let’s dive deeper into the analytics and have a clear vision and the right perspective. Spend time and resources to understand which of your social media activities were able to touch the audience, the extent of their reach and then accordingly build your future marketing plans. Share more of content that motivates people and stirs their emotions.
    3. Personalise according to your audience: Based on your analytics create a very enticing, crisp and focused set of social media activities that will yield heightened engagement. Your social media marketing efforts should be focused on the region, audience type and what you are aiming to achieve.
    4. Learn from you competition: Social Media Marketing that your competitors are undertaking might teach you great lessons. We as a leading social media marketing company in Noida believes that we should follow them closely and make note of what works and what doesn’t. Implement those points in your own campaigns.
    5. Achievable goals: Social Media Marketing is not a magic wand that you swish around and becomes an online sensation. It is more like the process of creating a quality vine. Segregate your social media marketing activities in different stages and set specific, achievable and quality goals. Over a period of time, making consistent efforts will surely create for yourself an online presence that will be rooted deep and growing high. An immeasurable horizon of opportunities is waiting for you.
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